The Designer

liliana-profileLiliana Dabic started the business in 1989 after studying fashion design in Zagreb, Croatia. From an early age Liliana was fascinated with the construction of garments, often watching her mother while she knitted and made clothing for her family. Liliana has a natural talent and eye for design, beginning to make her own clothes at 12 years old as her mother could no longer keep up with her demand for the latest trends.

Liliana’s fashion was inspired by trips to Milan. Mesmerised by luxury fashion, she knew this was her calling. Her first boutique opened in Sisak, her first collection focused on evening and formal wear. It was at this time she was able to perfect her talent, experimenting with traditional couturier techniques alongside modern ideas.

A New Year break in 1991 to Edinburgh sparked a love affair with the city. Liliana decided to move from her native Croatia in 1993, gaining experience with an Italian dressmaker. In 1996 her Morningside boutique opened which focused on ladies evening wear, commissioned designs and men’s tailoring all of which were made-to-measure. It was at this time Liliana decided to specialise in bridal wear as this is where her passion lies. The label grew to become very prestigious, very quickly becoming most well-known for its excellent workmanship and detail. With an increase in popularity the Morningside premises became too small. By 2007 Liliana decided it was time to relocate to bigger premises to allow the label to develop further. The Stockbridge boutique offered top quality bridal designs which were unique and classic. As demand grew further Liliana once again relocated. The current Queen Street boutique has enabled her to create her biggest collection to date. Her latest collection ‘YES, I do’ focuses on reviving classic designs with a contemporary twist. Available to try on in La Novia Bridal Boutique.